SQL Server 2012 Resources

Free eBook on SQL Server 2012

Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Written by Stacia Misner and
Ross Mistry, this book explores enhancements and new capabilities, including
improvements in operation, reporting, and management.


  • 1. SQL Server 2012 Editions and Engine Enhancements
  • 2. High-Availability and Disaster-Recovery Enhancements
  • 3. Performance and Scalability
  • 4. Security Enhancements
  • 5. Programmability and Beyond-Relational Enhancements


  • 6. Integration Services
  • 7. Data Quality Services
  • 8. Master Data Services
  • 9. Analysis Services and PowerPivot
  • 10. Reporting Services
    Microsoft Virtual Academy free SQL Server 2012 Training Courses:

Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 : Analysis Services and Credible, Consistent data

Learn about the new features of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 that will provide you with Breakthrough Insights into your data. You’ll learn about Self-Service Alerting, Reporting and Analysis Services and Power View and how to integrate your SQL solutions with other Microsoft technologies like SharePoint and Excel.

Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 : Reporting Services and Visualization

This course takes a deeper look into the technologies in SQL Server 2012 that will help turn your Business Intelligence in true Business Analytics using advanced technologies like Semantic Models in Analysis Services and Data Analysis Expressions.

Breakthrough Insights using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 : Scalable Data Warehouse and Beyond Relational

This course will teach you when and how to use symmetrical multiprocessing vs. massively parallel processing and how to use columnstore technology to revolutionize your data warehouse query performance.

Cloud on your terms with Microsoft SQL server 2012 : Scale On Demand

What is the best platform for your solution, is it on premises, in the cloud or is a hybrid approach the way to go? This course explains the factors you need to consider and how to make the right decisions, do you have performance, control or security concerns? This course will guide you to the solution that is right for you.

Mission Critical Confidence using Microsoft SQL Server 2012

Solutions need to be reliable to give your company a competitive advantage. This course explains the security and reliability features of SQL Server 2012 that will allow you to create dependable Mission Critical Applications using AlwaysOn, Availability Groups and other High Availability enhancements.

Tuning SQL Server 2012 for SharePoint 2013 Jump Start

SQL Server stores most of the data for SharePoint. This Jump Start training focuses on how these two products are integrated. Join two of the industry’s most popular SharePoint experts, Bill Baer and Brian Alderman on an exploration of SQL Server settings, SQL Server system database settings and configuration options that will improve SharePoint 2013.

Additional Resources

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