Calendar Analytics

1. Download Tool: Calendar Analytics

2. Do follow steps:

Microsoft® Outlook instructions
1. Assign the appropriate category to each appointment/meeting item in your Outlook calendar.
2. Add new categories via the "Categorize" button on a calendar appointment/meeting in Outlook.
Microsoft® Excel instructions
1. Open the “Calendar Analytics.xlsx” file on your desktop.
2. Click the "Refresh Calendar" button embedded inside the "Who" or "What" worksheet.
3. The interface will display prompting you to enter your full email address.
4. Enter your full email address. Users with more than 1 email address may need to try each of them.
5. Click Next.
6. The interface will display prompting you to enter a start date and end date.
7. Enter a start date and end date for the timeframes for the Dashboard to reflect.
8. Click Next.
9. The interface will prompt you for the user’s aliases to add. You can add multiple.
10. Type in users’ aliases of whom you have permission (i.e. "Full details") to access their Outlook calendar and click Add.
11. Click Next.
Refresh the data
12. On the PowerPivot tab in Excel, click “Update All”.
13. Wait until PowerPivot Window has refreshed.
14. Close the PowerPivot Window.
15. On the Data tab in Excel click “Refresh All”.
Category Groups
1. In addition to relying on Outlook categories, you group them into Category Groups. This will allow you to view groups of similar Outlook categories (for instance, grouping meetings into Projects, Administrative, Personal, etc).
2. On the Categories worksheet in Excel, enter appropriate category groups in the right hand column.
3. In order to see changes, repeat task 12 through 15 above.

So final you will get like this:


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