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Video Series

What’s New in SQL Server 2008

Total videos: 4
Total Series Length: 00:38:32

Get the scoop on what’s new within SQL Server 2008 by learning about new concepts and by watching step-by-step vidoes that outline new features, functionality, and benefits.

Tips and Tricks

Total videos: 5
Total Series Length: 00:38:30

Tips and Tricks cover a wide variety of audiences, topics, technologies, and techniques that help make using SQL Server that much powerful and easy.

Copying and Moving Databases

Total videos: 4
Total Series Length: 00:36:19

Learn about what makes SQL Server databases harder to move than normal file system files, and see hands-on examples of exactly what you’ll need to do to either easily create copies of your databases or to move them around from one server to the other.

SQL Server Backups

Total videos: 15
Total Series Length: 02:45:32

Learn everything you need to know about SQL Server Backups – from basic concepts and practices up to implementation, configuration, and troubleshooting techniques.


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