Problem creating hierarchies for a variation in MOSS.

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I had in interesting problem the other day…I couldn’t create the hierarchies for a variation because of the following error.

No Variation Root Web has been set – hierarchies cannot be created until a Variation Root is set.

This was strange because the root web had been set and the hierarchies had been created for it. Also, If I went to the settings for variations I couldn’t set the root web because the hierarchies had been created…I was a bit stuck.


So, using reflector, I found the code which produced the error message to see what was wrong. The code appeared to be checking a root document library called the ‘Relationships List’ to find out what the root web was…there must have been something wrong with that list. Navigating to the library (http://<your site>/relationships list/allitems.aspx) you will see a number of entries (possibly only one) which is used internally by SharePoint. None of the entries have titles so you have to find the one for the root web.


I have looked at a few SharePoint publishing sites and the root web entry always had the GroupID of F68A02C8-2DCC-4894-B67D-BBAED5A066F9 and so this may be the default. However, once you locate the root web entry you will see an entry similar to above, where the web address is not set. 

On changing this entry to point to the correct root web (as below) the error went away and I was once again able to create variations.


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